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Shri Jyoti Star 6

For MS Windows (R) Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Redefining ease of use and power in Vedic Astrology software

The Tablet Age is upon us and Shri Jyoti Star is being ported to run on all kinds of tablets. Right now, the current version can be installed on tablets running Windows 8 Pro (or Windows 7). The RT version of Windows 8 does not support traditional Windows software such as this. An example of such a tablet is the Acer Iconia W700. Here's a pic of Shri Jyoti Star on this tablet:

Shri Jyoti Star on a Windows Pro 8 tablet

This picture does not do justice to the crisp display of the charts on the actual screen. This particular tablet has a very high resolution (1080p) so the buttons come out rather small but everything works great. We recommend using Shri Jyoti Star v6.250.9 or later.

Windows 8 hint: In case the fonts appear a bit fuzzy in any software on your tablet, right-click on the software icon (after closing it down), and select Compatibility. Then check 'Disable scaling on high DPI settings'. After that, text is very crisp. This is generally needed after using the MS Windows feature to increase the size of text and icons found under Display in the Control Panel. In high res tablets, this is pretty necessary for most people.

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