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President Donald Trump and his Experiences in New York and Washington, DC

August 17, 2017

President Trump (DT) was born in Queen’s and has lived in Manhattan, which he clearly likes. Based on press reports, he was not enthusiastic about moving to Washington, DC, but had no choice having become President. In the last few days, as the consequences of the protests in Charlottesville, VA, unfolded, he made statements in DC and NY with a distinctly different tone. We therefore thought it would be interesting to apply some techniques readily available in the software Shri Jyoti Star to study what these two locations can mean for him.

Here is DT's birth chart (June 14, 1946, 10:54am Queens).


We can use a relocation technique to see how his chart changes when moving from New York city (NYC) to DC. The only factor that changes, is the degree of the Ascendant. In his birth chart (NYC/Queeens*)  his Ascendant is at 6 degrees and 49’. The Nakshatra lord and sub-lord are Ketu and Rahu. The computation of the lord and sub-lord are based on the Vimshottari Dasha scheme. In DC, his Ascendant is at 3 degrees and 47’ and the Nakshatra lord and sub-lord are Ketu and Moon. In his chart, Rahu is closely conjoined the Sun and both Rahu and Ketu have high dignity, which makes them very strong. His Moon is closely conjoined Ketu and is relatively weak. The natural conclusion is that he feels much stronger and more radical (Rahu) in NYC than in the White House.

Here is his chart data in NYC: On the left is part of the AstroMapping screen showing the location*. On the right, at the top, it shows the planet position and the Ascendant, which has moved a few minutes of arc from the birth position in Queeens. Below that, you can see the Ascendant's Nakshatra lord Ketu and sub-lord Rahu.


Here is DT's chart data in Washington, DC. You can clearly see that the Ascendant now has Nakshatra lord Ketu and sub-lord Moon. As he has Ketu and Moon tightly conjoined in his birth chart, this is a place of great destiny for him but as the Moon is weaker than Rahu and Ketu, it is not an easy experience. He will certainly prefer to get away when he can.


In summary, we can see that moving just a relatively short distance can change the experience a person has and this can sometimes be critical.


I am indebted to my wife Susie Vance for this critical observation.

* It makes no difference to the results reported whether we use Queens or Manhattan.



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