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President Trump and his Key Associates

How People get Connected and the Impact of Transits

August 14, 2017

Leo is the sign of the king as it hosts the star Regulus, the king star. The first lunar mansion or Nakshatra of Leo is Magha, whose symbol is the throne. Those with a strong planet in Magha and a connection to the Ascendant, the rising degree, often take an interest in seeking a throne.

President Donald Trump (DT) has his Ascendant in Magha along with the warrior planet Mars. For Leo Ascendants, Mars is the giver of power. Therefore, this region of his chart is his power zone. It follows that other people with key planets in this zone can play a part in his Raja Yoga, the story of his rise and time in a high position. This is a concept of Vedic Astrology so it is interesting to investigate if this is true in practice. Below, DT's chart is shown along with information from the charts of his key associates. While, DT's birth time is known, most of his associates do not have a publicly available time of birth. Therefore, we have only used the date of birth for the associates and assumed a time of noon. This is sufficient for seeing if any planets are in Magha. The main caveat is with respect to the position of the Moon, which moves through one Nakshatra per day so that should be born in mind. In my experience, close conjunctions within a few degrees are powerful in relationships. The reader can draw their own conclusions but it is really quite remarkable to see how this w2orks in this case.

Circle Chart Feature of Shri Jyoti Star

In the following, the Circle Chart feature of Shri Jyoti Star is used. This chart has many powerful features including the ability to show simultaneously the signs, houses and Nakshatras. In the examples below, the house boundaries are shown by spokes radiating outwards. Signs are shown by longer spokes radiating inwards. The Nakshatras are color coded by their lord with the small inward spokes marking their boundaries. The look of this chart can be widely customized to suit the user and the purpose.

The circle chart allows two charts to be matched. One chart has the planets on the outside of the circle of the Zodiac while the other chart's planets are on the inside. The Ascendant of the outer chart is fixed at the top. Which chart is fixed and whether the Ascendant is at the top or on the left is a matter of user option settings. The actual planet positions are shown by small circles on the large circle of the Zodiac. The name of the planet is close to its small circle as space allows.

First, we analyze the charts of DT's associates. After that, there is a short look at how the transits of the planets impact. At the time of writing, we are in a period with particularly intense transits for DT. In all the charts shown, DT's chart is on the outside and his Ascendant is at the top of the chart with his powerful Mars. In most of the examples, you can easily see the planets of people and the transits crossing this zone.

People Associated with Donald Trump

The primary benefic planets for Leo are Sun and Mars the fiery planets. The other fiery shadow planet Ketu, the South node of the Moon, is mostly beneficial as the lord of the Moon's sign. President Trump's Moon is in Jyestha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury, which makes Mercury and, on occasions, Saturn helpful to him. Venus and Jupiter are important but will not always do what Leo wants.

Our hypothesis is that the people who play a major role in DT's story as President will have planets in Magha. Other connections give less robust but still meaningful connections.

People with planets in Magha: Ivanka Trump (Mars), Donald Trump Jr (Saturn. The Moon is elsewhere in Leo), Stephen Bannon (Moon - all day up to about 10pm), Stephen Miller (Sun), Sebastian Gorka (Ketu), Steven Mnuchin (Mars), Rex Tillerson (Ketu), Peter Navarro (Saturn), James Mattis (Venus; Sun and Saturn are elsewhere in Leo), Paul Manafort (Saturn), Robert Mueller (Jupiter and Venus. Mars and Mercury are elsewhere in Leo).

People with no planets in Magha but planets in Leo: Melania Trump (Ketu), John Kelly (Mars and Saturn). HR McMaster (Venus), Hope Hicks (Venus and Ketu), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Mercury), Sean Spicer (Mercury), Paul Ryan (Ketu), Mitch McConnell (Rahu).

People with no planets in Magha or Leo: Jared Kushner, Mike Pence (see chart below), Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, Christopher Liddell, Omarosa Manigault, Dina Powell, Wilbur Ross (see chart below), Reince Priebus, Anthony Scaramucci, Carter Page.

(Gary Cohn, Mark House, Michael Flynn DOB unknown.)

Some examples from the list of those with planets in Magha:

Ivanka Trump (Oct. 30, 1981) has arguably the most connections of anyone listed here with DT. Her Moon in his 4th house burnishes his image. Even though it is not closely conjunct his planets, it is very beneficially placed for him. Each of the other tight conjunctions tells its own story.

Trump and Ivanka

Stephen Bannon (Nov. 27, 1953) also has very strong connections with DT though not as positive as those of Ivanka.

Trump and Bannon

Donald Trump Jr. (Dec. 31 1977) has Saturn on his father's Ascendant and Mercury on his dad's Moon. He is now running the family real-estate business (Moon in 4th house, property; Mercury money).

Trump and Don Jr

Rex Tillerson (Mar. 23, 1962) connects through his Ketu.

Trump and Tillerson


Examples of charts of key associates without any planet in Magha or Leo.

VP Mike Pence (June 7, 1959) has his main connection with DT through his Mercury, which is tightly conjunct DT's Sun and Rahu. This is a political connection as the Sun Rahu conjunction shows his interest in politics. Magha and Leo are more about DT's executive role. One of Mercury's key significations is speech and the VP has to speak up for his boss.

Trump and Pence

Wilbur Ross's (Nov. 28, 1937) main connection is in DT's key fourth house where Ross' Mercury conjuncts DT's Moon. Mr Ross helped DT with selling a property (4th house) for a very large profit (Mercury) and is now his Commerce (Mercury) Secretary. This conjunction is in the 4th house from a whole sign point of view.

Donaldf Trump and Wilbur Ross


Recent and Upcoming Planetary Transits over Magha

Rahu, the North node of the Moon, has been transiting Magha from December 9, 2016 until August 17, 2017. It reached his Ascendant on April 11, 2017 and his Mars on June 9. Robert Comey was dismissed on May 9 and Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel on May 17. The chart below shows the transit on this day. Rahu is a planet of turbulence and scandal and this transit has certainly coincided with both. However, it should not be assumed that Rahu's departure from Leo on August 17, will bring this to an end. According to Vedic Astrology, some effect lasts until Rahu leaves Cancer (March 6, 2019).

Mueller Appointed

Now the great Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 is approaching. As we run up to this eclipse, issues appear to be intensifying for the White House. The eclipse is seen over the entire span of the USA and impacts directly on DT's chart as the Sun is in the key area of Magha between DT's Ascendant and his Mars (see chart below). Not only is the eclipse on his Ascendant and Mars but Saturn is on his Moon and Ketu and Venus on his Saturn on that day.

Solar Eclipse

Clearly, there is merit in this type of analysis though this article does not amount to a scientific study. It is obvious that many of those with key roles in the Donald Trump presidency have strong connections with him through close conjunctions with his planets especially in his power zone in Leo. The impact of the Rahu transit and the forthcoming Solar eclipse may be hard to recover from. In another article, we will explain how moving to Washington, DC is not serving the President well.


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