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Shri Jyoti Star and the Apple Mac


Whatever type of Mac you have you can run Shri Jyoti Star as long as you are running Windows. How you do this depends on which type of Mac you have. The options are not as complex as they may sound and they have the added benefit that you can then run many other Windows programs on your Mac!

New 'Intel' Mac

You have three choices.

1. The recommended option is to use software from Parallels or VMWare Fusion (both likely cheaper on Amazon) which then allows you to install MS Windows so it can run in a window while you do other things on your Mac. These companies have made the process as easy as possible. A handy guide to using Parallels is here. This guide refers to Windows 7 but installing XP and Vista is much the same. A new copy of Windows XP or Vista Home starts at around $100 on (if this link is not working search on Windows 7, Vista or XP on

2. You can also install Windows on your Mac using Apple's Boot Camp which is provided in OS X Leopard. A tutorial on how to do this is here.

Note: I have not checked the accuracy of all the information on the links provided but it looks good.

3. Crossover is a low-cost prodcut that lets some Windows software run on your Mac without Windows. Shri Jyoti Star 7 and the latest update of Shri Jyoti Star 6 are not compatible but an earlier version of V6 is compatible and is available for download from the Registered User Area for those with a V6 licence. The startup, etc. does not look like the latest Windows interface but it works! The built in Help works with the latest version of Crossover.It starts at $39.95 and it can be trailed for free.

Crossover may work on Linux but we have not checked this.

Old 'PowerPC' Mac

These Macs need a product called Virtual PC 7 which is available from Amazon. You will need a copy of Windows also.

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