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New Features in Shri Jyoti Star v5


Here are just a few of the new features - the most obvious ones. The number of improvements are too many to list. User feedback has been extensively followed to make the experience much easier and simpler plus many new features have been added and more are to come.


Better Charts

Larger glyphs/labels in North Indian charts, South Indian charts and even East Indian charts - clearer and easier to read.


Large Southern chart has more info in the box (Similar to the Levacy format).


Improved Wheel charts.


Aspect Lines

See them in all types of charts and in tables with full detail. Western aspects have glyphs in the table.


Aspects show direction, where appropriate.


Many different types:

            Parashari exact

            Whole Sign


            Tajika Applying (Yogas)

            Western major and many minor aspects


Fine control of the orbs with shortcut keys and different orb sets for transits and natal


(See also the transit report.)



See the map of the world with the planetary lines including the nodes and, optionally, the outer planets

Instant View - see the charts, tables, etc for the relocated native, without leaving the map, even for two

Track across the globe with optional instant update of the charts and tables as the mouse moves


Relocate and Map two charts at once - a unique feature - world first



Includes all the named fixed stars and shows the conjunctions. No overlapping labels as is common in other programs! Animate!

Fixed star results table also.


Vastly enhanced Transit, Retrogression and Panchang report

Includes various aspect types including all angles, choice of orbs, transit to transit, outer planet aspects, etc. No other program, Vedic or Western offers this range of choices


Kakshya and Ashtakavarga change tables


Retrogression degree and times


Rashi, Navamsha and Nakshatra ingresses


Clearer and even more accurate


Do three months at a time, easier to setup, save up to five groups of settings including the place and date.



Complete context sensitive help throughout the program

Just left click on any chart, table of graph to get an explanation and Jyotish background - great learning tool.


More tutorial - wonderful new text and videos (now integrated into the Help menu)


New powerful tables

Compact Dasha tables


New important and unique synastry tables and graphs including the secret love points table, the Bhrigu Bindu


All popular Sahams with the planets and houses they touch in the native's chart or a comparison chart - uniquely convenient.


Rising times with different Varga change times - great for rectification and Muhurta


Panchang table shows Hora and Muhurta (yes, the actual Muhurta at that time of day)


All Ashtakavarga tables, charts and graphs can show the reduced values (after reductions)


New UpaNakshatra table


New Lagnas - Indu and Shree - and D-108 chart


New Graphs now with Values over Bars


New Dashas - Narayana, Drig, Shoola, Vimshottari variants (Utpanna, etc.), and more

Research options for the rules for determining the strengths of Rashi and colordship as recommended by Pdt. Sanjay Rath

New - KashiNath Hora


Better support for KP and Systems Approach

New cuspal interlinks table


New SA page with report on the status of planets, improved colour coding and SA aspects in tables and charts



Different formats possible on each page


New formats for larger screens and print outs


Bigger charts

Beautiful Lotus borders


Easier Data Entry

Free form or classic style

New - Today's Birthdays and other Birthday choices so you don't miss any!


Popup hint with planetary data by just putting the cursor over the name


Instant View - click on the name and immediately see the charts, tables and graphs that you want for that native without leaving the data entry screen


Improved Page menu

Name pages, move content from page to page


Improved Layout Examples menu, accidental erasure of your layouts prevented


Group Muhurta

Auspicious Nakshatras for different events


Working with Tajika

Aspect lines, tables, tutorial


Instant Prashna dialog, uses many Tajika Yogas with the exceptions and afflictions to judge the success of any type of activity


New Time Change Bar

Step forward or back by varying amounts including a rashi or a navamsha with just a click. Under Windows2000 and XP, the bar can even be made semi-transparent so you can use it without hiding what’s underneath!



New ACS Atlas version data

The latest Atlas with many enhancements!



Email Charts data or send emails to clients from within the program

You can store people's email address' and use this to send emails. Even quickly send whole databases of charts to your friends.



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