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Andrew Foss, PhD, is a scientist who researches and teaches Vedic Astrology because it works with remarkable precision as well as offering compassionate insight into our lives. He offers you a gateway to the many benefits of Jyotish - Vedic Astrology.

Find out about Shri Jyoti Star, an easy, powerful and elegant Vedic Astrology software for both beginners and professionals, now used by virtually all the leading Vedic Astrologers in the West. Click here to learn more

Receive an in-depth consultation to reveal the inner and outer processes of your life. Click here to learn more. Tuition and courses are also offered for beginners and the most advanced. Andrew has studied in a 500 year-old tradition with deep insight into the classics such as the works of Parashara and Jaimini. For the first time, this knowledge is being taught beyond a few Brahmin families in India. Click here to learn more.


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Shri Jyoti Star 7 Pro


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